Magento Extension Installation

  • Have you bought a new extension for your online store but, you don’t know how to install a Magento extension? Do you need help? in the following, we discuss this subject.

    How to install a Magento Extension

    The most common way to install a Magento extension is Composer. To do that follow the steps.

    • Connect to your SSH (by putty or bash or command line)
    • Copy downloaded file to 'app/code/' directory
    • After copying the file you should have this directory 'app/code/company name/module name'
    • If all the above steps were done without any errors please run these commands
      php bin/magento s:up
      php bin/magento s:s:d
      php bin/magento s:d:c
      php bin/magento c:f

    It done! this was really easy, wasn't it?

    Magento extension installation service

    Sometimes installing a Magento extension is complicated and you may need an assistant to install it because after purchasing and installing an extension may your store functionality be crash. if you don’t have enough experience and have problems with installing Magneto extensions, our professional experts are ready to help you and solve your problems. With our Magento extension installation service save your time and install your modules without any hassle.

    What we will do during the install module service

    • Basic configuration
    • Installing Magento plugins in the shortest time
    • Checking the health of Magento after installation


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