Terms and Conditions

Welcome to WeGento.com. This website is managed by WeGento Company and wherever the term "our" is used, it means this company. Our website provides the ability for you to search for and purchase the services that are listed on the website. WeGento was created to help Magento users on all levels to make the most out of the Magento eCommerce platform.

Access and use of the website and any type of downloadable product and purchased services are provided by this company. By using our products, you agree to our terms of service in full, so it is necessary to read the terms and conditions carefully.

WeGento may modify these support terms at any time, at its sole discretion, by updating this page. Our company tries to inform you about the new terms update, but it’s your job to check the terms and conditions to know about the updates.

Our Support

WeGento support is for non-free templates and extensions, and purchased services. Support is only provided for purchased items through the WeGento website.

WeGento support isn't in the field of training and includes possible issues related to the extensions and templates. It should be noted that if you have a problem that arises from making changes to your site, it is not the support's responsibility to solve these problems. Damaging the template by breaking its code will not include support. 
Support for the subscription is provided only for the account for which you purchased the subscription.

We will try to respond to your support ticket in a timely manner in accordance with the terms of the specific service you have purchased.


The Support Services don't include:

1) altered or damaged software or any portion thereof

2) problems caused by your negligence, abuse, or misuse of the software; and/or

3) downtime due to:

(a) our maintenance time

(b) any systemic Internet failures

(c) a force majeure event

(d) your Internet service provider

(e) your acts or omissions

(f) third-party software; and/or

(g) anything outside of our direct control.


When you purchase an extension or template, the new updates for the software will be available on our website. Don’t forget to install them. We may update or upgrade certain components included in the software at our discretion. If you purchase and fully pay for software, you will receive all updates made generally available.


When you purchase an extension, you will receive a license key. Each license key is linked to one domain and supports just one website; the license key will need to be used for the Magento installation running on that specific domain.


Dear users, please check any of our extensions, the product Description, Screenshots, Live Demo, User Guide, and other things carefully before buying the software. Because downloaded files cannot be returned like physical goods, therefore, refunds are not possible and can only be done if the expert of the WeGento support team diagnoses it. Wrongly purchased items cannot be replaced, changed, or refunded in any way.

Privacy and user accounts

We respect your privacy and protect personal information for all users. WeGento is obliged to keep the information safe and use the best possible tools to ensure the security of users' information.

Membership is free on our website. You must register with a valid email address so that we can send you an email. You must not obfuscate your identity to verify your account. You must not register duplicate accounts.

Permission to use the website

You must not republish material from the WeGento website. You must not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, or otherwise exploit our website or material on our website for a commercial purpose without our consent. Resale of the contents of our website without our permission is strictly prohibited and will result in legal action against you.


  • Buyer: a person who ‘buys’ items on WeGento.com and pays for receiving the software or service.
  • Items: including all available software on WeGento, like Magento themes, templates, and other services.
  • Account: a personalized profile that you receive when you become a member of WeGento.
  • License: what is given to the user by purchasing the product from the website and will allow the user to use the purchased product.
  • Support Department: The support department will answer users' questions and problems through the ticket system. This department is available 24/7 for customers.