Purchase and Support

  • How is the support for the products? 

After purchasing a product, you will receive our free updates for each extension for 1 year. If you want to get updates for a longer time, you will need to pay for them.


  • Can I use purchased extensions on a staging site before deploying software on the live site? 

Yes, you can use our extensions on a staging site for a test.


  • How can I get a discount? 


We didn’t provide any discounts before, but we will try to place the new discounts on WeGento.com and you can check our website to get the discounts.


  • What is the method of receiving products after purchasing them? 


Because our products are downloadable and don't need time to be sent, you can receive them immediately after purchasing by download link.


Installation of Magento 


  • Do you offer an installation service? 


Yes, you can use our installation and configuration services available in the Magento Services part. You will also have our support (online chat) during the installation.


  • What should I do with the problems I encountered during the installation of Magento extensions?


If you follow all the instructions for the installation but you still have problems, please submit a ticket on WeGento.com and let us know about your problems.


Magento extensions 


  • What does the package of Magento extensions include? 


Everything that you need to work with an extension on the Magento store is included in the WeGento extension packages.


  • Are the Magento extensions of WeGento compatible with any browsers? 


Yes, our extensions are compatible with all browsers.


  • Can I use the WeGento extensions for several websites?


No, each license key is valid for one Magento installation, and you can use the purchased extension just for one domain.